Monday, February 16, 2009

Paul Alexander Lecture

On Thursday night head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Paul Alexander, came to SUNY Cortland to give his lecture titled, "Coaching is Teaching." He attended Cortland as a Physical Education major and then went on to Penn State to get his masters in Exercise Physiology. He talked about his life and all of the schools he went to (from elementary to college) and told us about the teachers and coaches who positively influenced his life. He told great stories about his life and what he has learned from his football experiences. Alexander emphasized that because of his knowledge in Exercise Physiology, he was able to become a better coach and teach his players how to move for the best results. He showed us his invention of the "Lev Sled" and explained how his educational background helped him create a very effective and popular football product. Alexander talked about how musicians are also athletes who "perform under pressure," as they have to play thousands of notes at a precise time. He talked about his pianist friend, Albert Muhlbock, and told us to attend his concert if we wanted to see a real "athlete." It was a very nice presentation with a lot of lessons in teaching and coaching and I really enjoyed his stories and jokes about defensive line-men :)
Willie Anderson with his hands in right spot!!!

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