Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh baby you got those reflexes

Final cut of our song about infant reflexes! Music Video in the works...


The palmer's grasp is in the first four months
you wrap your fingers around but you don't use your thumb
When you move my head, my body goes too
it's called righting and you better see that fool

Another kind of righting is when you move my body
My head will go with it, i swear that to you mommy (MOOMY)
In the first four month's, when you stroke my sole
the babinski makes me extend my toes

after four months, the plantar reflex is found
once you touch my feet, my toes curl round
when i'm tipped backwards I try to stay upright
i'm doing the pull-up, to keep my figure tight

The sucking reflex is when i am really hungry
I search for nourishment from my big mommy
The palmer mandibular makes me close my eyes
if you touch my palms my mouth opens real wide

(Chorus x3)
Oh baby you, got those reflexes
but you say it's postural
but you say it's primitive

When mommy holds me over the water I start to swim
it's a reflex i can't control, i move my every limb
When my daddy holds me up like superman
i extent my legs and arms, and i brace so i can land

The fencing reflex makes my limbs extend
but only on one side, i look like the heisman
When moro is involved, i flex my legs and arms
Then I'll extend them with a smile, i have so much charm

Crawling has some cool reflexes too
i bend my knees, my arms reach out, i make it look cool
when I'm being held up on a surface that's flat
my weight goes forward and i primary step that

when i am tilted sideways, I do the Labyrinthine
my head wants to upright so it makes me align
just like the labyrinthine, but uprighting with my eyes
it's called the optical, it should come as no surprise

Thank you for listening to our baby song
We hope you like our diapers, its better than a thong

(Chorus x3)
Oh baby you, got those reflexes
but you say it's postural
but you say it's primitive

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